Youth Americas Cup 2021 canceled

Youth Americas Cup 2021 canceled

We’re sad to inform you the Youth Americas Cup 2021 has been canceled due to immigration issues related to COVID 19.

Naturally, we’re very disappointed to hear about this.We were in the middle of our campaign and we were looking at a solid few months ahead getting the most out of the team to win the Youth Americas Cup.Looking back at our campaign we can be very proud of how much we have achieved in just a few months. We’ve created an in-sync team with talented sailors and coach. We’ve learned a lot about sailing the 69F and foiling in general.

Apart from that also on team bonding, giving presentations, working with professional sponsors and working together with a big team of volunteers. We’ve found great support in a huge group of volunteers who supported our team with the same passion we have. We’ve had amazing days teaching over 40 youths the art of foiling and getting them excited about the future of sailing.We are blown away by all the enthusiasm and help we have received from our Challenger Yacht Club the Royal ‘Koninklijke Watersport Vereeniging Loosdrecht’ (KWVL) and all their members. It felt like coming home to a warm bath.

We, the sailors Emma, Odile, Jorden, Bart and Guido and coach Floris want to thank the KWVL, the volunteers, the donators, the sponsors, the whole of sailing in The Netherlands and our team manager Cor van Aanholt for the amazing support we had the pleasure of experiencing during our project. Any team would be lucky to receive this much positivity.For now, it’s time to let this news sink in, reflect and make new goals and plans.

We’ll keep you up to date!